Artist Statement II

The making of things has been my automatic response to living and breathing from my earliest memory.  Conceiving an idea for an object.  Designing the step-by-step process by which that object has being.  Following through with the hard work of the birthing process.  Seeing the object now alive.  Each step becomes the process of affirmation.  It is not a process from which I can remove myself.  For me it is life giving, as much as, consumption of food or restful sleep.

The material used in the process is not the primary consideration.  The idea, now there is the driving force.  I see things in my mind as a clear image, so I seldom draw detailed sketches (truth be told I don’t draw very well at all—too flat).  Once I begin to work though, I allow the parts made to dictate the parts to come, working very intuitively to achieve composition and balance.  It gives me great pleasure to revisit a piece, perhaps years later, and realize that “I got it”, that I created something substantial.


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